Senator Coleman Praises House Leadership, Calls for Dayton To Put Students Before Political Allies

Senator Norm Coleman released the following statement after the completion of the 2015 Regular Legislative Session.

“The conclusion of this year’s legislative session shows the benefits of balanced leadership at the Capitol.  Bipartisan compromise led to the passage of a strong education bill that works to improve the process of licensing out of state teachers, increases the budget to schools by $400 million above base budgeting, and includes $60 million for early learning initiatives.  Further, the House Republicans successfully fought against a nearly $1 billion annual increase in the state’s gas taxes, which passed the DFL-led Senate and was strongly supported by Governor Dayton.  

“It’s wrong for Governor Dayton to put the bipartisan education bill in jeopardy in a last ditch effort to force the legislature to pass his widely panned universal pre-kindergarten proposal.  Advocates from across the education community have expressed concerns about his proposal, including his administration’s own Early Learning Council.  The only stakeholder who supports Dayton’s proposal is the union which spent millions to elect him in the first place and stands to gain thousands of new members from its passage.  Governor Dayton needs to put students first, not his big union special interest allies.”