Notes From Norm – Apologize For Being A Senator

This past week at EMILY’s List, an organization formed to advance Democrats and unrestricted abortion rights in the county and that raises and spends untold millions of dollars to elect liberal Democratic women to public office, Minnesota’s United States Senator Al Franken apologized.

“First of all, I apologize for being a guy,” began Franken as he went on to introduce the President of EMILY’s List.


Sadly, this is probably the only sincere apology that Al has recently issued. It wasn’t Al Franken “…being a guy” that explained his political cowardice by boycotting a speech from our most important and essential ally, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

It was Al Franken “…being a partisan” that did that.

It wasn’t Al Franken “…being a guy” who has done literally nothing to address the dangerous recruitment of young Minnesota men and women to radical Islamic Terrorist groups like ISIS/ISIL.

No, that’s Al Franken “…being Al Franken.”

When Al Franken was cracking jokes about women being raped – and as recently as 2012 denigrating women by being “funny” with traffic cones intended to mimic a woman’s breasts – he didn’t apologize for

“…being a guy”.

He apologized for “…being Al Franken”.

I long ago stopped apologizing for being the guy that lost a recount to Al Franken and turned him into the 60th vote for ObamaCare and enabler of Barack Obama and the worst foreign and economic policy by a President in a generation.

Instead, I made a commitment to do what I could as a private citizen to defend the country and our values by pushing back against Al Franken and others who help carry the President’s water, as well as their own misguided policies.

While I was delighted to join millions of Americans in stripping Harry Reid of the title of Senate Majority Leader, I was disappointed one of his top left lieutenants avoided the fate of many of his defeated colleagues.

With a new term of office before him Al Franken has done nothing early in that term to suggest he will be doing anything he didn’t do in his first term of office.

He will continue to be one of the most partisan members of the U.S. Senate. He will avoid taking tough positions on matters related to our massive federal debt – the growing threat of terror – or an economy in which too many people remain unemployed, underemployed and simply out of the workforce.

But, Al still has a chance to redeem himself. Not in the eyes of his liberal allies who embrace his commitment to partisanship and discord.

But to the millions of constituents he was elected to represent in Minnesota – and millions of Americans who are growing more and more concerned that our President’s foreign policy is putting our nation further at risk, and undercutting our relationships with our allies.

As President Obama seeks to reach an agreement with Iran that is more about preserving his legacy than it is to cement a concrete barrier to Iran get nuclear weapons, Al Franken can start publicly challenging the President.

If he believes, as I do, and the majority of Americans do, that Iran must prove itself with much more than rhetoric when it comes to converting its nuclear program to nuclear weapons, then he must support those in Congress who feel the President needs to have his negotiating hand strengthened.

At a minimum, he can join with a bipartisan group of Senators who are urging that any Iran deal come back to Congress for review and approval – just as Congress did with over other 23 nuclear deals. He should also demand evidence that Iran will end its support for terrorism throughout the world.

Any agreement that doesn’t insist on Iran ending its financial and logistical support of terrorists throughout the world is an agreement not worth the paper it’s written upon.

Yet, sadly, we can’t expect that Al challenge any aspect of an Obama deal with Iran.

There are some who suggest that Iran’s battles with ISIS/ISIL are evidence they have changed course and reject terrorism.

Not true.

They are simply rejecting terrorist groups that don’t agree to their terms and their targets.

If Al Franken had taken an hour – 60 minutes – to listen to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – he would have heard that the enemy of our enemy is our enemy.

Iran is not our friend. They have done nothing to deserve our confidence that they ever will be.

They have not apologize for the acts of terror and the murder and destruction they have inflicted upon our country – our citizens – or our allies.

Yet, it was our ally Al Franken turned his back on when he refused to take a 5 minute walk from his Office to attend a speech in the gallery of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Al can apologize forever for “…being a guy.”

For millions of my fellow Minnesotans, and millions more across America, a more apt apology from Franken would have been “First of all, I apologize for being a United States Senator.”