Notes From Norm – Control Matters

Election Day is less than two weeks and while much of the focus has been on a U.S. Senate and Governor’s race in Minnesota, there is an equally important race taking place for control of the Minnesota House.

Today, the DFL Party holds control of every single constitutional office in Minnesota.

In addition, they hold nearly unchecked power in the Minnesota Legislature with a DFL majority in the Senate and the House.

This unprecedented monopoly on political control of our government has seen public policy run amok, taxes and spending increased and growing evidence of a potential price fixing scandal with the state’s MNsure program.

A MNsure program that has suffered the same from the same deception, malfeasance, misrepresentation and failure as its federal counterpart, ObamaCare.

A DFL controlled House of Representatives was an active participant in raising your taxes, spending your money and expanding the size and scope of government.

They provided no checks and balances to the Governor.

They, along with the leadership of the DFL Majority in the State Senate, and with the acquiescence of the Governor, orchestrated spending $90 million for a luxury office building for politicians?

A cost that comes out to $1.3 million for every single PART-time Senator that will be “working” in it.

Without anybody to effectively stop them, last year Democrats raised taxes over $2 billion to pay for a 12% increase in spending.

That increase in spending represented a stunning $9 billion over the biennium.

More directly, for it comes out to $4400 for every family in the state.  I know that everyone one of us knows what families would have been able to do with those dollars if they weren’t in the hands of a massive DFL Majority of our state government.

Minnesota has always tried to be a leader and be at the front of the pack when it comes to quality of life.  But what we’ve seen the last few years under unchecked DFL control of Minnesota government is the kind of rankings that we’d rather see a majority of our Minnesota professional sports teams own rather than our state government.

o Minnesota has the 4th highest individual income tax

o Minnesota has the 3rd highest corporate income tax

o Minnesota has the 7th highest state sales tax

o Minnesota is one of only 2 states with a gift tax

o Minnesota has some of the highest rankings in commercial property taxes – between the 3rd highest for rural commercial property, 5th highest for $25 million commercial properties, and 5th highest for $1 million commercial properties.

Sadly, what our state does share with a majority of our professional sports teams are rankings that are truly dismal with Minnesota ranked 47th in business climate by the Tax Foundation

Then there is MNsure.  President Obama’s health care reform brought to Minnesota with $160 million to develop a local exchange.  The website in generous terms was glitchy.  The back-end of it is still a mess.  The phone banks are a nightmare.

Now the DFL controlled government in Minnesota is lying to Minnesotans about the true increase of MNsure premiums on enrollees.

They claim its less than 5%, but outside experts – and those exercising some commonsense – know the true impact is closer to an average of 11% — with some increases as high as almost twenty percent.

Now, media reports are suggesting that the DFL controlled government and its top leadership engaged in private price rigging demands with insurers providing premiums to MNsure.

And, where is the DFL controlled monopoly demanding answers?

Running for re-election in the hopes of keeping that unchecked control of your government.

But, we have a choice.

That’s why control of the Minnesota House is important.

Unless the right choice is made, it’s possible that after November 4th control of Minnesota government would continue to be in the hands of one party – the DFL. The result is that there will be more of what costs you and less of what you can keep.

There will be more money spent on buildings and pet projects and less for you to spend on behalf of your own family.

There will be more deception and misrepresentation and less truth and honesty about what is going on at every level of your government.

Between now and Election Day take the time to reflect on who represents you in the Minnesota House of Representatives.  Ask them the tough questions about their votes.

As important as the U.S. Senate and Governor’s races are to the future of Minnesota, it’s vital we don’t lose sight of the critical races going on in your hometown.

Control of the Minnesota House matters.  To the future of the state.

And, the future inside your own home.