Minnesota Action Network (The Network) intends to participate in shaping the future direction of Minnesota by engaging directly with the citizens of Minnesota with a focus on a limited but effective government that better serves the people of the state in both the short and long term.

Its primary focus will be to dig deeper into the issues that matter to Minnesotans, and better understand what their proposed solutions should be to solve them. In addition, The Network will work with the public and a broad cross-section of policymakers and political leaders to evaluate the effectiveness of government programs, and develop tools to allow taxpayers to understand the impact and success of programs to accomplish their mission.

The organization will accomplish these efforts through data-driven research, conducted at the source – in the towns, cities and communities of the people of Minnesota. While statistical analysis and adroitly worded questions and percentages can help tell a story, they are no substitute for the direct verbal engagement with people in the places they live, work and raise their families.

The Network believes that government is a powerful force. But, Minnesotans should have an expectation that the government they fund is accountable to them, and that programs they have made investments in are serving the needs for which they were developed and implemented.

The decisions about taxes and spending are too often made in the end of session heat of partisan battle in offices of those who possess legislative and executive power in Government. Not enough thoughtful debate, engaging the citizenry, takes place in real time. The Network will utilize state-of-the art technology and tools to allow for real-time interactive discussion and debate with the citizens of Minnesota during the state’s legislative sessions. We will provide citizens a direct voice to their elected officials on the major issues impacting their future across a variety of formats. These will include, but not be limited to traditional mediums such as radio, television, newspaper – but also through electronic town hall meetings, debates, conferences and other formats that leverage the strength and power of new media and technology.

Our goal will be to truly empower the citizens of Minnesota with actionable intelligence on the critical issues of the day, and afford them the ability to make informed advocacy on their own behalf, and that of their friends, families and fellow citizens.

Minnesota is not a great state because of the size of our government; we are a great state because of the ingenuity of the people of this state. We want to work with the people to bring ideas and action to a government too closely tied to a disappearing status quo. Because Minnesota citizens are committed to commonsense government and policies, the creation of The Network is both timely and necessary to advance those concepts.

The MN Action Network will embrace the big issues of the day in a way that helps create better outcomes for our state. We will advance ideas that promote a system of commonsense policies that bring prosperity and economic growth to Minnesota. We seek to counterbalance those organizations that believe government is the solution for every challenge facing us in our lives, and those organizations that believe government should be dismantled entirely.

Minnesotans are neither pro nor anti government. They have, historically, believed that the right amount of government, accountable to the people, with an expectation that their tax dollars are being used wisely, is consistent with their values.

The MN Action Network will act as a convenor of ideas and a conveyor belt to decision makers and the public. By developing broad based support for mainstream, pro-growth economic principles we will enhance the possibility of their adoption and strengthen our state for the short and long term.

The MN Action Network will aggressively advocate for center-right principles in the press, as well as communicate directly with Minnesotans via television, radio, social media, email and traditional mail. In addition, we will harness the new tools of communication and networking to link Minnesotans together with their government, ensuring greater transparency and accountability.

We will expand the capacity of citizens to engage with their government and to exercise influence on it between elections, as well as during them. Our belief is that a government for the people, by the people and of the people remains the strongest, most legitimate government for Minnesota and our nation.

Simply put, the Minnesota Action Network will convert ideas into action in an innovative, insistent, and intentional way, meshing policy and politics in order to advance center-right ideas that will produce greater accountability, freedom and prosperity in Minnesota.